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Welded or Woven wire mesh gabion ?

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Welded or Woven wire mesh gabion ?


Welded or woven wire-mesh gabions?

Choosing welded mesh gabion and its use often has more advantages as compared to woven mesh gabion.

  • In the case of the welded mesh structure, when creating the planned retaining wall geometry it can be avoided to double the individual boxes on the connection side, while in the case of woven gabion boxes the doubling of the sides is unavoidable.
  • Often welded mesh gabion structures have the same flexibility as woven structures, but their strength and endurance characteristics are better.
  • Welded mesh gabions are more resistant to corrosion than gabions made using the woven technology.
  • The size tolerance of welded mesh gabion units is 0.5%, while the size tolerance of woven mesh gabion units 5%!
  • In the case of woven mesh with PVC coating the plastic coating often cracks due to twisting during manufacture, so it provides less protection against UV rays and corrosion than the coating on welded mesh.
  • Welded mesh gabion boxes, when being filled with stones, are rigid and retain their shape, while gabion boxes made of woven mesh do not retain their shape so well and often become deformed when exposed to the pressure of the filling stones.
  • Consequently the planned geometry and the wall face can be ensured with greater confidence in the case of welded mesh gabion structures.
  • Welded mesh gabion panels can be assembled using spiral binders, which saves time.
  • 20-30% less time is needed for assembling welded mesh gabion boxes.

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