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Where Can gabion be used ?

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Where Can gabion be used ?


Where Can gabion be used ?


Gabion retaining wall along a motorwayGabion structures can be built quickly and economically under all conditions and are especially suitable for stabilising slopes in mountainous regions and in regions with unfavourable soil characteristics. GABION retaining walls are flexible, and soil movements do not result in the reduction of the load bearing capacity in the already constructed retaining wall structures, as opposed to retaining walls with a rigid concrete structure, where cracks and fractures may occur, which may result in the final deterioration of the retaining wall.

Gabion retaining walls offer an economical and attractive alternative to concrete retaining walls. They can be filled with local stone or even concrete rubble.

Areas of use of gabion structures:

  • Mass gravity retaining walls
  • Mechanically stabilised soil retaining walls
  • Supplementary elements of buildings
  • Garden architectural elements (e.g. benches, partition walls, etc.)
  • Channel linings
  • Culverts and bridge abutments
  • Gully control, water velocity reducing structures

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