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Rockfall Mitigation Netting

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Rockfall Mitigation Netting


The Hesly Gabion Systems' welded wire mesh provides essential protection where the continuous erosion of slopes and rockfaces where loose debris and falling rock may create a risk to lives and property.

The mesh does not secure loose debris in place but rather retains it between the slope and the mesh, allowing it roll to the foot of the slope without risk of injury or damage.

Rockfall netting is unrolled. or "draped," over the slope and secured with anchor bolts. Over time, rocks and debris will fall to the foot of the slope behind the steel mesh drapery. Rocks can then be collected in a trench of suitable dimensions, at the foot of the slope.

If desired, the mesh can be secured both at the top of the slope and at the foot of the slope with high strenth cables. In this instance it is good practice to allow the lower cable to be loosened, in order that the collected debris can be removed safely.

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