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What's All-New Gabion Barrier ?

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What's All-New Gabion Barrier ?


What's  All-new Gabion Barrier ?

One system,five products
The all new welded Gabion Barrier design provides a cellular structure, using a welded mesh framework and geotextile lining. When joined and filled, the system can be used to create walls of exceptional strength and structural integrity. All products are pre-assembled and delivered packed flat, with joining pins to enable the connection of individual units.

The five products are the Concertainer unit; Floodline unit a specialized flood-protection unit; Rockface a part-lined gabion; Rockbox an unlined cellular gabion; and the Delta unit - a new wetland protection product.

The HeslyGabion's Barrier unit is a multi-cellular wall system manufactured from welded Hot-Dip Galvanized coated steel wire mesh and joined with vertical, helical coil joints. The units are lined with heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

The HeslyBarrier unit's primary advantage over other force protection systems is its ability to utilise locally available fill material to rapidly construct defensive barriers and other structures with minimal manpower and resources.

Units can be extended and joined together to provide effective and economical structures tailored to the specific threat and level of protection required. HeslyBarrier units are available in a variety of different sizes and delivery systems.


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