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Soil Stabilization & Paving

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Soil Stabilization & Paving


Soil Stabilization & Paving

HESLY has a wide range of reinforcement solutions to increase the life of roads and pavements, reduce rutting, and extend maintenance intervals. HESLY has a solution for your roads and pavements, whether the road is a gravel track on a construction site or a major highway. From steel reinforcement Road Mesh to extruded biaxial MacGrid EG geogrids, HESLY can help.


Roads & Pavement Reinforcement

Reinforcement technology within roads and pavements creates a more dynamic system among the variables within the environment.

Roads & Pavement Reinforcement increases the service life of roads and highways by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal andsettlement cracking.

Roads & Pavement Reinforcement relieves and redistributes stress concentrations in the pavement;

Reducing reflective cracking into overlays

Improving load distribution

Improving the bearing capacity of the pavement structure

Increasing resistance to rutting and shoving


The capability of the reinforcement to withstand loads will depend both on the type of reinforcement, its location within the structure and the interaction between the reinforcement and the surrounding bituminous material. Discontinuities will inevitably lead to cracks in the asphalt.

HESLY offers a wide range of asphalt pavement reinforcement products from Road Mesh double twisted steel wire mesh, used to structurally reinforce pavements, to MacGrid geogrids and MacTex geocomposite fabrics. With the extensive product line at HESLY, flexibility is our strength


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