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Architectural Gabion Wall

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Architectural Gabion Wall

Model:Rock Box Wall
Quality Standard:ISO9001
Executive Standard:BS1052,BS-EN10244-2
Manufacturer:The HeslyGabion®
Contact Info:info@heslymetalmesh.com
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Architectural Welded Mesh Gabion

Architectural Gabion walls are available in two designs: Rock Box Wall, which utilises the Concertainer configuration but with the cells comparmentalised so an unlined front section can be filled to achieve an aesthetically pleasing facing, while the line section provides the ability to use more economic, concealed fill material for the majority of the volume.
Rock Box uses the original Concertainer principle, but completely unlined for use as a gabion. Used for creating full rock fill to provide an attractive retaining wall, Rock Box units have also been used for environmental projects.

This completely unlined Concertainer unit can be filled with different rock sizes and colours to create architectural finish. When local fill is sourced the wall blends into the natural surroundings creating an unobtrusive barrier and provides a building with protection from light and heat.
Rockbox can also be used in environmental projects.