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Assemble Guide of welded wire Gabion

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Assemble Guide of welded wire Gabion

Item:Installation Guide
Quality Standard:ISO9001
Executive Standard:BS1052,BS-EN10244-2
Manufacturer:The HeslyGabion® (HESLY GROUP)
Contact Info:hesly@heslymetalmesh.com
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How to assemble welded wire gabion

Welded gabion assembly steps as following:

Step 1: Cut the bottom, lid, side, back, front and bottom plates into certain sizes. Generally, this process will be finished in factory.

Cut welded mesh roll into suitable sizes to form a box.

Step 2: Tie end plates, side plates, back and front plate uprightly to the bottom plate

welded gabion

A rectangle gabion with side plate

Step 3: Join every neighboring plates through binding wire

China Welded Wire Mesh Gabion

The red spiral wire is the binding wire which ties each two plates tightly

Step 4: For a 39 inch high gabion basket, adds a steel wire every 12 inch height which connects the front with the side. It is aimed to increase the strength.

welded wire mesh gabion

A gabion box strengthened by lacing wires

Step 5: Place the stones in order when the height of the stone reaches 12”. This is designed to make the box compacted. Then put the rest stones.

China Welded Wire Gabion Exporter

The methods of filling a gabion box with two parts

Step 6: When the gabion box is filled, cover the lid. Tie the lid with side, end, back and front plates through spiral wires.

Welded Wire Gabion Box

A completed welded gabion


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