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Installation Guide of Gabion

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Installation Guide of Gabion

Item:Gabion Box Assemble Guide
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How to Assemble Double Twisted Mesh Gabion ?

Gabion Basket Assembly

Step 1: Woven gabions have been collapsed and packaged on pallet to facilitate shipment and transport

gabion material

Woven gabion basket panel in package

Step 2: Unpack gabion basket and unfold it.

unfold the gabion box

Unfolded gabion baskets panels

Step 3: Erect each side and assemble it into a cage-like container. Tie each thick edge together by binding wire.

erect each side of the gabion

Step 4: If middle separated plate exists, join the middle plate to front, back and bottom plates through binding wire.

assemble middle plates

How to assemble a box with middle plates

Step 5: Choose rigid and breakage-proof stones. Stones come in 75mm to 250mm.

infill stones

Choose stones for filling gabion basket

Step 6: Put chosen stones into the basket.

Place the big stones around the baskets and the front side where will undertake huge impacts. While small stones are placed at the bottom.

Huge stones are placed around the basket to bear impactsHuge stones are placed around the basket to bear impacts

When filling stones, double twisted binding wire is employed to connect the neighboring sides at the height of 1/3 and 2/3. The binding wire is designed to stabilize the structure. Generally, the stones should be 50mm higher than the basket body.

Step 7: Stretch the lid tightly and make sure its four edged wires overlap with the body’s wire. Then fasten the lid with binding wire. Now, a qualified gabion basket is created.

assemble gabion box