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Assemble Guide of Gabion Mattress

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Assemble Guide of Gabion Mattress


Gabion Mattress Assemble Guide

Gabion mattress prevents soil erosion yet friendly to environments

Gabion mattress/Reno Mattress is widely used in riverbed, slope, river embankment and other places where is often attacked by water flow. Its excellent permeability allows water to spread into the soil below it and provides a friendly environment. On slopes, plants are grown on mattress. Not only the plants decorate the slope, but also strengthen the structure.

Steps of gabion mattress installation:

Step 1: Put the bottom, side and end plates in the right place.

Each part of gabion mattress in its right position

Step 2: Let the end, side and division plates upright

Erect the side plates to the bottom one

Step 3: Fasten each two neighboring edges by spiral wire and the interjection to the next should be within 100mm.

Spiral wire connecting each plates and the spacing between two points is less than 100mm

Step 4: Connect the mattress to the next one by tie wire

Connect the two mattress to expand width

Step 5: First groundsill preparation and then pave geotextile.


Prepare work before placing gabion mattress

Step 6: Place the gabion mat on the prepared foundation.


Pave the mattress on foundation

Step 7: Tie two neighboring mattress together

Fastening one mattress to the next

Step 8: Fill stones to the mattress. Use small stones to fill small spacing.


Fill stones to the container and the stones should be placed flat

Step 9: Cover the lid and tie the lid to every neighboring plate by tie wire


A completed gabion mattress

Step 10: Place soil and muck on the mattress.


Mattress is covered by soil and muck

Step11: Grow plants on the soil to give green area.


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