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Passive Rockfall Protection Barriers

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Passive Rockfall Protection Barriers



Passive rockfall Protection barrier system is installed bottom of the mountain or slope to reduce and block the rockfalls and stones. When the stones, rocks, snows are falling down the mountain or slopes, the passive rockfall barrier system can reduce the impact of the rockfalls and protect the people and properties' safety.

Main types of passive rockfall barrier systems are including steel wire rope net and steel ring net.

  • Steel Wire Rope Netting. steel wire rope net can not only used for active rockfall barrier system, but also the passive rockfall barrier system. It is mainly composed of steel wire rope net, decompression rings, supporting rope, sewing rope and steel column. It has high tensile strength and can block the rockfalls within 750 kJ.
  • Steel Ring Mesh. Steel ring net is made of high quality hot dipped galvanized wire into circles. Different circle quantity have different block capacity. The steel ring net can block the rockfalls within 2000 kJ. Steel ring net system is commonly made of steel ring net, supporting rope, anchor rope, sewing rope and metal column.

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