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Rockfall Drapes

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Rockfall Drapes


Rockfall Drapes -- Tecco Mesh | Spider Mesh | Hexagonal Mesh Netting

TECCO (chainlink mesh) and Spider Mesh drapes made from high-tensile steel wire represent an economical, safe alternative to dynamic rockfall barriers in any application where the catchment area is too small for the expected rockfall leap height and kinetic energy. Rockfall drapes will capture falling rocks and control their descent to a catchment zone in between the mesh and the rock face.

Benifits & Features

  • HIGH-TENSILE STEEL WIRE. High load capacity: Rockfall Drapes offer outstanding static and dynamic strength without deformation. This ensures reliable, maintenance-free protection even after multiple rockfall incidents.
  • LIGHT AND SIMPLE. Perfect strength-weight ratio: Our rockfall protection systems are stable and at the same time lightweight. They can be easily transported and installed. Where access to very high slopes is unavailable, independent unrolling of the mesh is possible.
  • DIMENSIONING. Custom-fit solution designed for the expected rockfalls: The drapes are adapted to meet your precise needs. Thus system offers the required performance and delivers the highest protection level for the lowest price.